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Kyoto cooking class traditional Japanese


We are a family in Kyoto, and we like meeting new people. We have hosted friends from overseas many times, and cooked with them. Although we can't teach you fancy skills, we're happy to share Japanese home-style cooking with you. Our another purpose is to spend good times.

About us


Self-taught cook  I'm from Nagoya. I have been a cook in my family for over 30 years.  I want to make people happy through Japanese Home cooking  Japanese dishes we cook together is not difficult, so I hope you cook Japanese dish back at your home!


Cooking Class producer 3rd grade


Food safety supervisor


Since I love knowing different culture and people, I studied in a University in the U.S., but it wasn’t enough for me and I traveled to Africa and South America while studying abroad. When I was traveling I noticed that homemade local food is quite different from food at restaurants, including the atmosphere and preparation. Cooking with local people, having conversation while eating—this is what makes the time more valuable. Of course, I got to know many aspects of their lives by talking. Exposing myself to the local life became one of my best memories in the trip. I would like to share the experience—but this time, as a host. When you travel, sometimes you don’t get the opportunities to talk and ask local people questions. So, I’m here to enrich your experience.
Hobbies Karaoke, Finding a hidden gem in Kyoto, Studying Spanish, Making Japanese Hand-made lampshade, Exercise, Photography,