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Ajarimochi (Kyoto confectionery)

One of the most typical Japanese confectionery could be mochi, Japanese rice paste. Mochi often has red bean paste inside. It’s sold everywhere including convenience store, supermarket, Japanese traditional sweets shops.

This sweets, Ajari-mochi(阿闍梨餅) is mochi, but not that chewy. If you like mochi, probably you’ll like Ajari mochi too. Even people who are not a big fan of mochi might like it.

Ajarimochi skin is made with glutinous rice, powdered sugar and eggs. It has very unique texture. It’s soft but slightly chewy.

The store that sells it is called Mangetsu (満月, meaning full moon). It has been in business since 1856.  The store is in many department stores in Kyoto such as Takashimaya, Marui, Daimaru and Isetan. It’s about 100 yen for each.  Since it expires quickly, it’s not good for souvenir, but still it’s worth trying one.

Mangetsu (満月)

Address: JR Kyoto station Department store “ISETAN” B1F

Hours: Sun-Thu 10AM-8PM, Fri&Sat 10AM-9PM

Price range: 119 yen