Recommended places in Kyoto

Awomb (Beautiful sushi restaurant)


This is a great place to take a picture of beautifully made sushi. You’ll be served sushi ingredients in the picture below, and you make your own sushi roll with some tools!

This type of sushi is called “Temakizushi”, meaning Self hand rolled sushi. In Japan, this sushi is pretty common to make at home.

For seasoning, they provide soy sauce, wasabi, Ume (Japanese sour plum), spicy chocolate, orange paste, etc. Some seasonings were new for me too. The amount they serve isn’t a lot, but you can add more rice and seaweed with extra fee.

Currently, there are 4 branches. Each branch has unique interior. The pictures below are the second branch, Nishikiyamachi branch. This one has warmer atmosphere.

*Photos from the official website “awomb”

Awomb Karasuma main branch

Address: 189 Ubaynagi-chou Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-8213, Japan

TEL: 81-50-3134-3003

Hours: Lunch 12PM - 5PM (L.O. 4PM), Dinner 6PM – 9PM (L.O. 8PM)

Price: They have 3 courses (1680 yen, 2340 yen, 2970 yen)