Recommended places in Kyoto

Engine (Vegan & Gluten free ramen)

Ramen has different flavors such as tonkotsu (pork back bone), shoyu (soy sauce), miso (miso paste), and so on, and most of the time the soup is based on either meat or fish even if you have shoyu or miso based ramen.

This is vegan ramen made with soy based soup with noodle made with a type of potato. The soup is creamy and thick, and it seemed somewhat like tonkotsu soup, but vegan and gluten-free!

Regular ramen. Spicy miso flavor. There is vegan version of this as well.

A lot of them are travelers from other countries which made me surprised.

 A little pricy for ramen, but I think it’s worth if you are a vegan. I strongly recommend this restaurant for a group of vegan, non-vegan mixed because you can make your ramen vegan, gluten-free, and adjust the spiciness as well.


Address: 452-1 Matsugaecho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto


Hours:  (Mon) - (Fri)
 11:30AM ~ 3:30PM (L.O. 3:00PM)
 5:00PM ~ 9:30 (L.O. 9:00PM)
(Weekend & public holiday)
 11:30AM ~ 9:30PM (L.O. 9:00PM)

Price range: 1,000-2,000 yen



Initia Japanese Cooking Class

35-2, Aketacho, Higashikujo, Minamiku, Kyotoshi, Kyoto, Japan
TEL 080-5350-0613