Recommended places in Kyoto

Katsugyu (beef cutlet restaurant)

京都勝牛 先斗町本店.jpg

In Japan, Tonkatsu, deep fried pork is pretty common. This restaurant is not about the pork but beef.

Deep fried beef restaurant located on Pontocho street (Traditional narrow street where Maiko live). This street has many fancy restaurants. This restaurant is not too expensive though.

The meat is rare, the lunch I had is 130g meat for 1980 yen. I think it’s very good quality for the price.

Curry, sansho salt, half cooked egg

So Japanese people eat meat with soy sauce and wasabi like sashimi when the beef is very fresh.

Also, they have matcha beer! 750 yen.

This store has many branches. Near Kyoto station, Kawaramachi, Kiyomizudera-temple, Gion etc.

Gyukatsu Kyoto Katsugyu 牛カツ京都勝牛

Branches near Kyoto station, downtown area, Fushimi inari, Gion.

Hours: Lunch & Dinner (The time depends on the branch)

Price range 1200yen – 2000 yen

Official website