Recommended places in Kyoto


In cooking class, our guests often told me “Japanese food is actually greasy”, “Vegetables are expensive in Japan” It’s not always the case, but if you feel like eating lots of vegetables, you can go to this restaurant, “Miyakoyasai Kamo”.

In this restaurant, you can eat fresh vegetables all made in Kyoto. They have salad, curry, soup, and various kinds of Obanzai(meaning Japanese small dishes. Often lots of veggies are used)

Don’t know what to eat? Then try everything! This is buffet style.

So I think this is good for people who want to try as many Japanese dishes as possible. These are probably not the well-known Japanese dishes but home-meal. 

These are the examples. 

The price changes depends on the time.

For the morning, it’s only 500 yen! The drink bar is included for the morning. All-you-can-drink is 300 yen for lunch/dinner.

The interior is also cozy and warm.

There are three branches near Kyoto st, Shijo-Karasuma st, and Kawaramachi st.

Miyako yasai Kamo, Kawaramachi branch (都野菜 賀茂)

Address: 297-2 Narayacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto

TEL: 075-222-2732

Morning (10AM - 11AM)   

500 yen for everything including all-you-can-drink (the menu is much simpler)

Lunch (11AM - 4PM) 

(L.O. 3:00PM) 900 yen (Weekday), 950 yen (Weekend, Holiday)       Drink not included

Dinner (5:30PM - 10PM) (L.O. 9:00PM)

1370 yen (Weekday), 1500 yen (Weekend, Holiday) Drink not included


*All-you-can-drink (Non-alcohol) 450 yen for lunch & dinner

*Time, price slightly varies depends on the branch. Please double check.



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