Recommended places in Kyoto

Sushitetsu (Sushi restaurant)

In Japan, belt conveyor sushi is common which tends to be reasonable. It should be fun to try that, but if you are also looking for something different. Consider trying this out.

This is the entrance. It's on the Pontocho street, where there are restaurants and Maikos' houses. When you go through the gate and go to the very back, you find the restaurant.

Inside, it has such a lively atmosphere. The sushi chefs will welcome you by chanting "Irasshaimase!" (welcome in Japanese )

This place is non-Japanese speaker friendly. They have English menu, and there are many customers from abroad.

Initia Japanese Cooking Class

35-2, Aketacho, Higashikujo, Minamiku, Kyotoshi, Kyoto, Japan
TEL 080-5350-0613