Recommended places in Kyoto

Veg out (Vegan & Gluten free restaurant)


Japanese cuisines are considered to be healthy, and it often contains fish based soup stock. Even if the dish doesn’t taste like fish, the chance is high. I’m not a vegetarian, but this time I had my vegetarian friends from Mexico traveling to Kyoto, so we tried this vegan restaurant called Veg out.

It’s located along the Kamo river. If you get a seat by the window, you can eat while watching kamo(duck in Japanese) swimming in the river


This is what I got. The sauces for each food are unique, and didn’t get me bored. Last time when I came I got curry, and it was good too.


One of my friends have celiac, so we asked them if there is gluten-free vegan meal, and there was! This is called Buddha bowl, it had various kinds of texture like couscous, lentil, veggies, tempeh.. I think I will get this next time:)

It’s not too far from Kyoto station (15-20min walk). We stopped by at this restaurant after visiting one of my favorite temple, “Sanju sangendo” (temple with 1000 statues lining up!). It’s very close from there.

Veg out

Address:1F Kamogawa-buid. 448 Inari-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

TEL +81 75-748-1124

Hours: Tue-Sun 8AM-9AM (L.O. 8PM)

Price range: 1,000-2,000 yen

Veg out official website